自中原之地的柴海青,15 岁开始弹吉他并接触摇滚乐,随后组建乐队,多年的乐队生涯后,忽然发现指弹才是自己寻找的音乐表现方式,其编曲受到 Blues,Funky,Metal 等风格的影响与启发,曲风就像是一支 Rockband 在演奏,在他的音乐作品当中不仅有高超的演奏技巧和让人热血沸腾的曲目,也有温柔而宁静,令人感动的乐章!2012 年受邀成为 Singa 吉他代言人,与 Vitaly Makukin ( 维大力 马库金 ),Masaaki Kishibe ( 岸部真明 ),Naoki Jo ( 城直树 ),Huang Chiawei ( 黄家伟 ) 等知名演奏家一起演出,并受邀担任 Tommy Emmanuel 2012 年中国巡回演奏会开场嘉宾。除了各地的演出外,他一直致力于指弹的推广与教育工作,为指弹吉他的发展尽了一份绵薄之力。


Chai Hai Qing is from mid-west of China, when he was 15, he begin to play the guitar and form a band, after playing many years, he found that fingerstyle is the way he wanted to express himself. His music arrangements are influenced by Blues, Funky and Metal. His solo piece is like a Rockband playing. In his music, we can not only see his fantasic techniques, but also some gentle feeling in his music. In 2012, he became Singa Guitars official artist. He used to play with guitar masters like Vitaly Makukin, Masaaki Kishibe, Naoki Jo,Huang Chiawei and so forth. and was invited by Tommy Emmanuel as Tommy Emmanuel’s China Tour opening guest.  Besides playing everywhere, he also dedicated to promoting fingerstyle guitar and guitar education.